Namibian Heritage Week (2022)


The Museum of Namibian Fashion organized events throughout Namibian Heritage Week to promote the recently opened museum and other historic sites. On September 19, 2022, the Museum of Namibian Fashion hosted a happy hour after hours to allow community members who work during the day, the opportunity to visit the Museum. On September 20, 2022, the Museum held a knowledge sharing day. Mrs. Regina Maiuongara gave training to schoolchildren from Otjiwarongo and Kalkfeld on how to prepare otjikaiva on that particular day. The students also had the opportunity to tour the Museum of Namibian Fashion during the knowledge Transfer training.

In Okahandja, The Museum of Namibian Fashion led tours of Windhoek's heritage sites for primary and secondary school students from Okahandja and Okandjira (Ovitoto). The Independence Memorial Museum, Heroes Acre, and the Earth Science Museum were among the Heritage sites that were visited. In the Okahandja, the Museum held a traditional attire performance day for the pupils in Okahandja. On that particular day, the pupils performed and displayed their traditional attire. The students were given a customary traditional lunch following the occasion.

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